Thursday, June 30, 2011

Workshop In Vancouver, Canada

I am pleased to announce I will be hosting a workshop in Vancouver, Canada on August 5th and 6th.  Keep reading after the jump for more info...

Come join me for two nights of night shooting and light painting.  This
course is about large scale light painting out on location and fine art
night photography.  The first night will briefly cover long exposure
essentials for those that are new to shooting at night and then move on to
light painting basics.  Learn how to use a torch in creative ways to add
color, light and a bit of "story" to your images.  Starting with a blank
canvas you will learn how to introduce light into the scene to build up
the image and tell the story you want.  We will move out on to location to
practice these concepts and gets some hands on experience.

With the basics out of the way, the second night will focus more advanced
light painting techniques.  I will demo some tools and explain how I made
them.  I will demo them before heading out to location to put everything
to the test. You will learn to make most of the common light painting
techniques as well as a few of my own secrets.

The course will improve your photography all around.  You will leave
looking at light and your camera in a whole new way which will even
improve the other areas of your photography.  You will be amazed at the
reaction you will get from the images created from what you learned
through this course.

Read the article on the organizers site for more info.  Full details to be released soon.


Jack Lommen said...

Wow this workshop sounds really cool. Are you by any chance planning on doing a workshop in Colorado, Utah or New Mexico.

Amazing photos by the way

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