Monday, June 20, 2011

Fireflies v2

I got out for another night of firefly shooting.  After a few days of rain I was not expecting great results again.  I could not help but feel we had bad weather luck this year.  But enough whining...  It did stop raining long enough for me and a few other shooters to get out and try and hunt some down.  Read on after the jump...

The biggest problem this year was finding a location that boasted a beautiful scene but also had ample fireflies.  The fireflies live near water but unfortunately so do people which means ambient light or other lights on the horizon were a nuisance. 

A firefly taking a break on a flower.  Hand lit with a flashlight.
Here are a few shots from the bridge I shot off the week before.  There is noticeably much more fireflies this week.  There was a near full moon but as you can see it was clouded over.  Something else you might have noticed is the swollen and muddy river from the continuous rain that led up to the night of the shoot having stopped only hours before we headed out.

I can't wait for early June of 2012 to capture that elusive perfect shot.  I dream of a nicely lit scene full of fireflies with a star filled sky above.  I will spend the next year scoping out the ideal spot!  I will get my shot!


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