About Me

If you don't know me already my name is Trevor Williams and I am a general camera freak.   I use a variety of cameras and a variety of formats.  I love light painting and shooting at night which led to me being featured in a documentary.  My work has been published in a variety of magazines and I also wrote 2 chapters for a book; one on light painting and one on star trails.  My night shooting even landed me almost 7 minutes on the six o'clock news.  I have a new blog full of night shooting and light painting tutorials and information. I work by myself but also as part of a group that works under the name "fiz-iks".  For more info on Fiz-iks please visit our site fiz-iks.com.   You can find out even more about me here.

I am currently based in Okayama, Japan and I am available for commissions, workshops and seminars, editorial and reportage, weddings and portraiture work anywhere in the world you need me to be.

You can find at the links below.

The Fiz-iks website
My light painting and night photography themed blog
I also shoot weddings
Follow me on Twitter for updates on tutorials and events.
I post all sorts of pictures to my Flickr account
Here is a light painting group I founded on Flickr full of light painting information
I post videos tutorials and other weird stuff to youtube
You can license some of my images through Getty if you are interested.
You can find a list of some of the equipment I use.